MyPlasm CNC System (PROMA)


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Basic functions of the program / controller

  1. Max working range of the machine: No restrictions
  2. Minimum pulse width Step: Auto
  3. Max STEP signal frequency: 350kHz
  4. Integrated THC Height Adjuster: Yes
  5. Torch anti-dive function: Yes
  6. Material detection function: Yes, Touch / Floating head
  7. Collision sensor support: YES
  8. Types of accepted files: DXF, PLT (hpgl), G-Codes (.tap)
  9. Integrated CAM module: Yes, MyMini CAM
  10. Automatic Wen object recognition. Outside : YES
  11. Path Advance Analysis: YES
  12. Cutting parameters database: YES,
  13. Correction of the design angle to the material: YES
  14. Operation via the GamePad controller: YES
  15. Can be cut from anywhere: YES
  16. The possibility of cutting from the end: YES
  17. Supported CNC controllers: MyPlasm CNC
  18. Support for 3rd party controllers and motherboards: NO
  19. Ability to work via LPT port: NO
  20. DXF, PLT or G-CODES import
  21. Automatic generation of paths with offset, entrances and exits
  22. The program can be used with an external CAM program
  23. Separate speed for holes
  24. Parameter database
  25. Correction of the design to the angle of material arrangement
  26. Soft and Hardware limits
  27. THC anti-dive features
  28. Game Pad controllable
  29. Material detection via touch system, floating head or both.

It is a very fresh project, which is constantly being developed. Each client has the option of free software update.
What will be added first:
– MyMini CAD

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