Compact THC 150


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Power supply: 7-35V DC

Outputs: Relay – Up / Down / ArcOk

Range : 30-300V DC (1000 VDC)

Separator HV/HF : Yes

Integrated Voltage Divider: Yes 1:50


User’s Guide (EN)


A popular controller of the plasma torch’s height with a relay outputs Up / Down and ARC OK – a confirmation of the cutting arc.

It is intended to cooperate with CNC control systems, which support THC signals up / down, for example MACH 3, LinuxCNC, CNConv. Thanks to the integration with a voltage divider, the connection is very simple.

Example of connection:



Gecko540 Drive

If connecting directly to the “power” terminals,

you should ensure the connection as short as possible due to the formation of large disturbances.


You should also use test leads with a proper insulation – matched to the maximum voltage of the plasma cutter. Because of the very high level of interferences and voltage “pins”, it is recommended to supply the + and – potential by means of separate wires what minimizes the risk of dielectric breakdown.

Example how to use in LinuxCNC…


Example of MACH 3 configuration:

Make sure that the machine is properly grounded. Plasma cutters generate voltage dangerous for human health and life. No grounding may result in electric shock and / or damage electronic equipment



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