Lightning-fast start-up
Start machining in no time — MASSO is lightning fast with less than 10 seconds start-up time. Resume jobs quickly after power failures.

Do more with less
Run MASSO without the need for motion cards or drivers, UPS, PLC or cooling fans. With MASSO, all you need is your stepper or servo motors, motor drivers, keyboard, mouse and a VGA monitor.

Unmatched stability
Forget the headaches of PC-based controllers and discover software engineered for stability and performance and hardware built for precision and durability.

Personalized support
Our service matches the quality of our products — experience the benefits of personalized support and a helpful community of users.

The power of MASSO G3:
– Support for Lathe, Mill / Router, Plasma, Oxy, Laser, WaterJet machines
– Run millions of lines of G-code with support for G-code files as big as 4GB
– Stable and accurate
– Supports ATC (Automatic Tool Changers) without the need of a PLC

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  • Dedicated hardware, requiring no PC
  • 110kHz pulse rate on each axis
  • 24 Isolated Inputs
  • 18 Outputs
  • 2 Analog (12 bit) inputs
  • Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives
  • Direct spindle control with 0-10 volts, CW, CCW & PWM
  • MPG hand wheel dial support

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Masso CNC Controller Draaibank (2)

Masso CNC Controller Frees/Router (2)

Masso CNC Controller Plasma (2)

Masso CNC toebehoren (15)