Wireless Touch Probe


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Unidirectional repeatability< 0.003 mm
Search directions±X, ±Y, -Z
Permitted deviation stylus in XYZ directions±4mm
Contact force in XYmin 0.5N max 0.8N
Contact force in Z2N
Delay in the radio channel~ 2 ms
Error detection delay in the radio channel< 0.33 s
Power supply of sensor (transmitter)LIR2477   3.6v
The possibility of chargingYes
Current сonsumption of probe (transmitter)<0,6mA
Power supply of receiver+5v…+24v
Current сonsumption of receiver (for different Vin)21 mA (5v)

14 mA (9v)

12 mA (12v)

8 mA (24v)

Radius of the radio channel6 m
Radio frequency2,4 GHz

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