DM542, 2 Phase Digital Stepper Drive; Max 50 VDC / 4.2A


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DM542 instruction

The DM542 belongs to the 2-phase hybrid stepper motor drivers. The operating voltage is between 18 and 50 VDC. The DM542 is designed for all types of 2-phase hybrid stepper motors with an outer diameter of 42 to 86 mm and a phase current of less than 4.0 A. The DM542 is designed for use with all types of 2-phase hybrid stepper motors. The circuit is similar to that of the servo control and ensures that the motor can run smoothly and with little noise and vibrations. If the drive is operated at a higher speed, the holding torque and position accuracy will increase. The DM542 driver is used in medium and large numerical control devices such as bending and CNC machines, packaging machines and computer controlled knitting machines.

– High quality and performance at a low price
– Average control current, drive via a 2-phase sinusoidal current
– Supply voltage offered from 18 to 50 VDC
– Opto-isolated signal I / O
– Protection against over voltage, under voltage, over current and phase short circuit
– 15 channels of pitch and automatic pairing
– Automatic power reduction when not in use
– 8 channels Output phase current setting
– Offline command input terminal
– The motor torque depends on the speed, not on the number of steps or the number of revolutions.
– High initial speed and high holding torque at high speed.

– Input voltage: 18 – 50 V DC
Input current: <4.0

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