DM2722 AC110-223V, 7.0A 2Ph


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● High performance and competitive price
● 16-channel selectable resolution, max resolution 40,000 steps/R
● Max response frequency up to 200Kpps
● Coil current will be automatically reduced to 1/2 of pre-set current when stepping pulse stops over 100ms.
● Optical isolating signals I/O
● Driving current can be adjusted from 1.0A/phase to 7.0A/phase through the 16 channels.
● Single power supply (Voltage range: AC110V-230V)
● Phase memory function (Note: The driver can memorize the motor phase automatically when the input stops over 3 seconds. And it also can recover the phase automatically when it is re-powered or MF signals changes from low level to high level. )

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