C4- Safety Charge Pump



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This provides the ability to take advantage of Mach ability to send a specific frequency through one of the pins of the parallel port when the program is in control. CNC machinery are very dangerous, and you always have the risk of the machine doing something different that what you intend the machine to do if the program loses control of your system. Mach can be programmed in a way, so when it is “in control”, it delivers a 12.5 KHz signal through one of the ports. This card lets you use this signal to work as an On/Off Switch for your system, enabling a powerful safety system for your equipment. If you ever had windows crash on you, then this card is for you. The port can also do weird things while the system is coming up, or down. Features

 Takes advantage of the 12.5 KHz signal from Mach. When Mach1/2 is in control it can emit a 12.5 KHz signal that can be used as an On-Off safety switch for your system.

Microcontroller based system. New since revision 5 of this board is a microcontroller that allows the implementation of more complex algorithms for sampling and analyzing the signal.

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